Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Why your contractor business needs SEO?

If you are in a business of contractor, it’s high time that you must look for alternatives to spread your business by making use of web portals and make an immense web presence. This way, you can help yourself in getting reach of maximum number of customers and also keeping in touch with the existing customers so that you can increase your bottom line. It is the best way to increase your web presence as the solution can help in getting a very efficient and well designed website that is best in all the aspects. If contractors start a website that can be visually attractive, helpful and has high impact on public, it can draw maximum attention from the customers as well as provide a comfortable approach for them to get in touch with the irregular reconstruction and renovation projects.

Need of a website

Maximum number of customers today browses through the internet to get contractors at ease. In order to get potential customers and earn business through these customers, it is important that you make a website that is not only user friendly but free to use and looks completely professional in every way. A website that makes use of  Search engine optimization  and marketing techniques makes sure that it ranks well on the list of all the search engines. This makes it possible in order to reach all the clients that a contractor is willing to target. It is important that you make a clear and visible display of all the past projects that have been taken by you along with the reviews and testimonials by the customer. This is very important because it helps in clearing the air of confusion for a possible customer and he clearly makes a decision to hire you or not. This also makes a very good impact on the customers and they believe and rely on your services through this method. You can successfully enlarge your local branding control with the formation of an inspiring and enlightening website. You must draw attention to the history and reputation of your company and make clear of all the services and finished projects that you have done so far so as to attract more prospects.
An SEO helps in fulfilling following dreams for your website:
·         Establishes reliability
·         Establish trust
·         Attract visitors
·         Generate new leads
·         Offer support to customers
·         Increase your revenue

5 easy ways to speed up your website

Having a website load fast is super important these days for a number of reasons. User experience being the number one reason, If your user can access your pages quicker they are more likely to go deeper into your website. This is good for your search engine optimization as site speed and user experience are top on the search engine land list of top factors for 2015. Companies like Amazon and Walmart have known this and are constantly trying to work on their site speed. So how do you get your site faster?
1. Compress Images - all your images that are on your site or going onto your site. If you have a word press site you can install a plugin that can take care of this such as: 
Or if you don’t have a Wordpress site you can compress your images offline and replace current images.
2. New Hosting -Your webhosting is a major source of slow website loading , you can look for a faster host or signup for a dedicated host or a virtual private server. One of the easiest wasy to speed up your host is a to signup for a content delivery network like Cloudflare , you basically run your webhosting services through their name servers. This can dramatically speed your site and its pretty easy to do
3. Enable cookies and cache- this can help returning visitors speed up their next visit by delivering content already on their computer via the cookie and cache setting. Basically the webpage info is stored locally on their computer once they visit, dramatically reducing the loading time.
4. Reduce and cleanup unnecessary code. CMS like Wordpress often have extra code and plugins that are not needed. For example often there are at least 2-3 templates loaded that are not being used, they need to be deleted.  Get rid of any large forms or extra pages that don’t serve a purpose.
5.  Test your site after you make changes and compare it to your competitors use site like Pingdom speed test found here

If you can speed your site up by 5-15% you will see a increase in click through rate , page views and unique visitors which should translate to more sales and more leads.